Discover the Next Generation of Precise, Safe & Effective Gene Editing Approaches

CRISPR is one of the most powerful discoveries of the last decade, and we are now heralding in the era of gene editing.

In the time since its discovery, CRISPR has rapidly become an established tool in the genomics toolbox. Now the question is: What next?

The CRISPR 2.0 Summit is devoted to showcasing only the latest and greatest innovations by uncovering how the next generation of CRISPR tools are radically enhancing efficacy, minimizing off-target effects & enabling efficient delivery to specific tissues to ensure you stay at the forefront of this rapidly exploding field.

Discover the promise of novel Cas variants, base and prime editing approaches, innovative delivery mechanisms, and the applications of these next generation tools through learnings from CRISPR clinical trials and new & unpublished data.

Don’t get left behind. Join 100+ leading pharma and biotech companies pioneering CRISPR-based therapeutics into the clinic to usher in the next generation of safe, targeted and effective genome editing.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Well organized presentations into thematic groups of timely topics that the field is grappling with"
Scribe Therapeutics, Past attendee, CRISPR Event Series

"I greatly enjoyed the diversity and topic coverage of the talks, thanks for putting together an excellent program!"
Syros Pharmaceuticals, Past attendee, CRISPR Event Series

You Will:


Discuss methods to overcome CRISPR delivery challenges

Delve into the latest delivery platforms and the innovative work being done to develop viral and non-viral candidates suitable for ex-vivo and in-vivo delivery with Scribe Therapeutics


Explore the potential of prime editing

Hear directly from
Andrew Anzalone,
member of the
Liu Group, who
is responsible for
developing this
novel tool


Discover the latest developments in base editing

Learn about improvements to further reduce off-target effects and how to detect off-target effects of base editors to ease regulator concerns with Astrazeneca


Investigate novel Cas variants

Understand how novel Cas proteins that optimize specificity and efficacy of gene editing will be vital to bringing CRISPR successfully into the clinic with Arbor Biotech

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