Partnership Opportunities

Year on year, gene editing technologies remain on an upwards curve of investment, continually smashing records and exceeding industry value expectations. With the therapeutic potential of CRISPR emerging as a reality, we’re seeing record levels of funding targeting up-and-coming pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to find the next ‘million dollars’ drug.

With over 300 CRISPR-based gene editing programs currently in active preclinical and clinical trials, we know from our research the range of challenges associated with ultimately gaining that coveted approval, with drug developers craving vector, reagent and animal model providers with the experience and expertise to overcome key bottlenecks in product design and manufacturing. On this, the assistance contract service providers can deliver when partnering with companies using CRISPR technologies can be the difference between success with the huge potential financial returns it brings and losing ground on the competition.

If you are a solution provider who can meet these criteria, then partnering with us will provide you with a unique platform to establish long-term relationships with companies that want to stay at the forefront of CRISPR utilization.

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Who Attended in 2021?

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“Perfect balance of both academic and industry viewpoints on leveraging CRISPR technology. I enjoyed that the format and the structured networking sessions were well thought out”
Past attendee, CRISPR Conference Series