Welcome to the 3rd CRISPR 2.0 Summit

Recognised with a Nobel Prize in 2020, CRISPR has opened the floodgates for a new era of gene editing therapies, promising to transform genetic disease treatments. With a well-established early field of genomics research, drug developers and researchers have been busy establishing the next-generation CRISPR toolkit, including Cas nucleases, base and prime editing technologies, and innovative delivery platforms.

The CRISPR 2.0 Summit is devoted to showcasing only the latest and greatest innovations by uncovering how the next generation of CRISPR tools are radically enhancing efficacy, minimizing off-target effects & enabling efficient tissue-specific delivery to help you progress your program into and through the clinic.

Across three days of content, carefully co-designed with industry thought leaders, this streamlined one-track summit will unite key players in the CRISPR space, from large pharma to ground-breaking biotech, academics to exciting service providers, all with the purpose of paving a way forward to market for your CRISPR gene editing program.

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Expert Speakers Include:

2022 Meeting Highlights:


Improve the safety profile of your therapy

Enhance product safety profiles and profiling, overcome immunotoxicity concerns and mitigate against off-target impacts with help from AstraZeneca and Genentech

Refine your delivery platforms

Deliver your CRISPR cargo in a more safe, efficacious and tissue-targeted approach, with help from GenEdit and the latest expertise from David Liu’s Lab

Investigate the latest array of Cas variants

Leverage the freshest developments with optimised nucleases and how they are being applied as the next generation CRISPR-based treatments with Emendo Biotherapeutics

Explore recent excitement around base and prime editing

Gain pioneering insight into how these emerging fields are displaying exciting trial data from Beam Therapeutics and Prime Medicine

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